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Marketing Manager, class of 1983 with a master’s degree in MBA, I have experienced a great deal in consultancy and management, I have developed and implemented marketing plans with the directional board. Moreover I have managed web company projects for medium-sized companies and I have coordinated working groups. I am a keen Internet surfer, and the interest in digital world led me to start up and manage digital projects and web marketing entirely independently (project management).

My IT skills include mobile-friendly websites, e-Commerce management and CRM management. I have analytical approach and I am problem solver (due to my Master’s degree in engineering), I am expert in Analytics for Business and BI. I’m interested in new technologies and I usually use both operating systems: Microsoft and Apple. Curiosity and empathy are my pivotal features, indeed thanks to them I’m able to take actions with regard to new work experiences. I may entail enormous innovation, spirit of inventiveness and soft skills.

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